Fika Pure Food is Trademark of “Prabanjam Traders” with Legal Name “Radhakrishnan Thiruvengadam”, take pride in presenting the finest freeze-dried fruit that showcases the purest flavors and nutritional benefits of nature’s bountiful harvest. Our freeze-dried fruit is the ultimate snack choice for those who appreciate the sublime taste and convenience of real fruit, in a form that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Fika pure food is ideated for bringing pure food with high nutritious value to our customers without any preservatives using Lyophilization method. We source only the best ingredients from local farmers and combine them with our technology process for exceptional taste, texture and freshness.

Our Mission and Vision:

Offering products that are 100% natural, free from artificial sugars and preservatives, packed with nutritional benefits, bursting with flavorful delight, and designed for both convenience and lightweight portability.

We ensure handpick premium-quality fruits at their peak ripeness to create our freeze-dried fruit. With no additives or preservatives, each bite delivers the pure, unadulterated taste of nature’s bounty.

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